Travel Twist Case

  • Suits 1 handle and blades
  • Wetness resistant plastic
  • Lucent, easy to clean
  • Practical screw-cap

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Doesn't matter where you go: Your razor stays steady

Our Mornin' Glory Reise Twist Case

Travel Twist Case

World traveller or only on your way to the next camping adventure? The Mornin' Glory Travel Twist Case accompanies you! Because that way your razor will always be protected in your toiletries bag.

  • Perfect protection
    for your handle and your blades
  • Fits
    into every travel bag
  • Surely hygienic
    Lucent plastic you can clean really easily

This is how to do it

Over and done with packing one's bags – packing one's Travel Twist Case is the new thing! There you go:

1. Separate the blade from the handle
2. Unscrew your Travel Twist Case
3. Put handle and blade into the pack
4. Screw down your Travel Twist Case

Oops! That's it already! Btw: you can also put the pack into your dish washer!

Hol' dir jetzt dein neues Mornin' Glory Reise Twist Case


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