Natural and sustainable

We believe in a natural and
sustainable future.

No Alcohol

We are the first ones who like to have a beer, or more. After all we are in Germany. But in our grooming products we don't want to see any alcohol level. Many brands like to pimp their products with alcohol. The idea behind it is to drain greasy skin. But especially for men with sensitive skin Mother Nature holds better nostrums. We have them.

No Parabens

Para-what? Parabens are salts and ester of para hydroxybenzoic acid. Okay, again: parabens are preservatives and they are supposed to keep bacteria out of grooming products. So far, so good. But nobody tells you that parabens accumulate in your body and that they have a toxic impact. We are still waiting for long-term studies to clarify what's up with it. But for now we say: vanish!

No Animal Testing

This is where we have to draw the line: animal testing is unacceptable! Although the state did a lot to enforce this simple principle there are still black sheep in the industry. But we find there are a lot of other methods to test. At Mornin' Glory neither you nor animals have to suffer. We only have an office dog anyway - but he doesn't care for grooming. Unfortunately.

Local production

After we've been searching the globe a whole year for the best grooming formula we got lucky nearby our home. The result: Our grooming products are a real European joint venture. They come from Italy - the country which invented style - and Germany - the country that invented razor blades as a subscription. The common denominator: The Mornin' Glory promise of quality - and natural ingredients of the surrounding area.

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