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Are there really no hidden fees?
We can't believe it ourselves, but yes, there are no hidden fees. You only pay your products and we pay for shipping and see to it that your products arrive on time according to your rhythm.
How many blades are in my subscription box?
There are always 4 blades in your subscription box. However, you can very simply add more products to your box - we'll ship them once and always cover the shipping yost for you
What do I do, when I receive to many blades over time?
In short term you can simply skip a shipment. In the long run it may make sense to adjust your delivery frequency. Simply do this in your profile or call us.
Can I adjust my delivery rhythm?
Sure thing! Simply sign into your profile and choose between one and six months. Our super computer will then change all following shipments according to your selection.
I'm going on holidays, can I skip a shipment or trigger it before I leave?
We all need some holidays at some point. And yes, you just need one click in the profile to skip a shipment or trigger it instantly - in case you need your fresh blades before you leave.
Can I add more products to my next box?
Yes sir! You can toss any additional product into your next box. We'll then ship everything together at the scheduled date. And the best part: For you it's FREE SHIPPING
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