Razor Stand (Black Edition)

  • Matte black rust free zinc alloy with water and alkali proof coating
  • Weight: 180g, Diameter: 4,9cm, Height: 3,5cm
  • Non-slip rubber base for surface protection

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No matter where: Your handle will stand it's ground

The Mornin' Glory Razor Stand

Understated, Classy, Simple

Crafted using only the best water and alkali resistant zinc alloy our razor stand finally gives your razor a stylish home.


The heavyweight in your bathroom

The Mornin' Glory razor stand weighs in at an impressive 180 grams and is complemented by a non-slip rubber base that leaves your bathroom surfaces as smooth as your shave.

Caring for your blades

After use always dry your razor and place it blade first into the razor stand, this allows for hygienic storage and prolongs the life of your blade.