Rover Handle

  • Handle with special rubber cover
  • Extra heavy handle with perfect grip even in wet conditions
  • Fits all Mornin' Glory blades

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Just the way men like it: perfect weight and good grip


Balanced, Comfortable Handle

We just weren't satisfied with the previous shave handles. So we created a precise, balanced handle that has the optimal grip even in difficult conditions.

  • Rubber Grip
    For the perfect shave, even in wet conditions
  • Extra heavy handle
    For an extra precise shave
  • 100 % Mornin' Glory compatible
    Fits all Mornin' Glory blades

One size fits all

Our handle fits the 3 blade Freshman as well as the 5 blade Alpha. Talking straight that means, you easily can try one blade after the other or change in between. One handle is all you need.