Razor-Burn Relief


  • Intensive care for your skin after your shave, that reduces redness and skin irritation
  • The natural defenses of your face's skin will be strengthened prolonged
  • Natural ingredients without parabens

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On the spot when it burns


Razor-Burn Relief

The firefighter of all shaving products. When it burns after a shave, razorburn relief is exactly what you need to sooth the irritation and re-moisturise your skin.

  • Razorburn relief
    Reduces redness and skin irritation
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
    Operates nourishing and soothing. Helps avoid inflammations and micro damages of your skin
  • Longlasting care
    The natural defenses of your face's skin will be strengthened prolonged

What's inside?

We know how it feels, when the neck is itchy and burns. That's why we chose only the best natural ingredients in our Razorburn Relief Gel that will gently soothe your skin.

  • Chamomile
    Soothes the skin gentle in a natural way and operates antibacterial
  • Myrtles
    Dis-infects the skin and operates anti-inflammatory
  • Vitamin E
    Strengthens the natural defenses of your face's skin
Full list of ingredients

This is how to do it

Apply a small amount of balm onto your face and neck after shaving, massage the balm into your skin until it is totally absorbed.

Discontinue usage if your skin feels irritated.

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Made in Italy

After looking around the world for the best grooming products and formulas, we finally settled on the country, that practically invented style"... Italy. This is where our products are enriched with essential oils and even more natural ingredients.