• blades with ceramic coating
  • Fits our Mornin' Glory handle
  • +30% Lubrication strip to help protect against redness (*compared to previous blade model)

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Solid craftsmanship instead of hightech bits and pieces


High quality razor blades

Our Alpha five blade cartridges won't only give you a clean shave but they also do it carefully and are kind to the skin. Oh, and they won't break the bank.

  • Ceramic lamination
    For further skin protection
  • Precision trimmer
    On the back, for perfect outlines
  • Five blade cartridges
    For an extra close shave
  • Aloe Vera strip
    With vitamin E to soothe the skin

We trust in good quality and fair prices rather than expensive ads. period.


Real men are forthright

We're renouncing the expensive path, so you can save money

Solid craftsmanship

Our blades are made out of high-quality Japanese steel. Simply so that you feel like a new born after shaving.