Shaving Kit

  • 4 Freshman blades
  • Rover handle with rubber coating
  • Shaving cream (100ml)
  • Body After-Shave Balm (100ml)
  • Natural ingredients without alcohol and parabens

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From head to toe. And in between.

The shaving cream foams just a little bit so you can have an ideal shave in the shower. That's because you can see your work surface much better. Also the foam will be washed off easier by the jet of water - but the cream stays on the skin.

The body after-shave balm looks after the skin in the more sensitive areas of your body like an expert - with mild care and reliable support of razor burn relief.

High quality razor blades

Our Freshman with tripe blades are perfect for you if you don't have the strongest growth of beard and your skin is a little more sensitive. And all of that for such a peak price.

  • Ceramic lamination
    For further skin protection
  • Triple blades
    For a thorough shave and sensitive skin
  • Aloe Vera stripe
    With vitamin E to soothe the skin

Shaving Cream

We have invented this shaving cream especially for the needs of very sensitive skin. This shaving cream is the basic equipment for gently gliding on your skin.

  • Ideal for sensitive skin
    The natural ingredients soften and soothe the skin
  • Extra gentle
    Effective cutting of the beard hair without pulling or tweaking
  • Easier shave
    For softer, bendable hair which is easier to remove

Body After-Shave Balm

Our Body After Shave Balm calms the skin and has an antibacterial effect. Hence you avoid irritation after the shave of your private parts and your armpits. It results in a unique wellbeing for your body.

  • Calms the skin
    Avoids razor burn in all shaving areas
  • Completely without alcohol
    It's especially mild, doesn't burn and has a cooling effect
  • Pleasant application
    The intense care package is absorbed rapidly by the skin without being greasy

Because shaving your private parts can be fun. Get your body shave kit now!

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