Body Blades

  • 4 x protective cartridges specifically designed to help you shave those hard to reach areas.
  • Extra large Aloe Vera strip with vitamin E.
  • Each blade comes individually packed in a protective travel case.

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What Are The Benefits

Say Goodbye to the Jungle

and put the "MAN" back in manscaping with our
new, rugged body shaver.

  • Say goodbye to body odor
    when you shave, bacteria doesn't have anywhere to hide and less bacteria = less odor.
  • Working on a tan?
    when sunbathing, sweat droplets form on your body hair rather than evaporating and when this happens you are more likely to get a sunburn than a suntan.
  • Show off!
    you've spent all those hours in the gym why cover up
    all that muscle definition with a layer of hair.