Body After-Shave Balm


  • Especially for sensitive skin in the armpit / nether regions
  • Calms your skin and avoids razor-burn
  • Equipped with our pleasant Mornin' Glory fragrance
  • Natural ingredients without alcohol or parabens

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Calms the skin - also in sensitive areas

Our Body After Shave Balm

Body After-Shave Balm

Our Body After Shave Balm calms the skin and has an antibacterial effect. Hence you avoid irritation after the shave of your private parts and your armpits. It results in a unique wellbeing for your body.

  • Calms the skin
    Avoids razor burn in all shaving areas
  • Completely without alcohol
    It's especially mild, doesn't burn and has a cooling effect
  • Pleasant application
    The intense care package is absorbed rapidly by the skin without being greasy

What's inside?

Especially the sensitive areas of your body need a lot of care after shaving. Calm your irritated skin mildly - without alcohol and only with natural ingredients.

  • Camomile
    Soothes your skin soft naturally and has an antibacterial effect
  • Witch hazel
    Especially good for treating micro cuts and to avoid inflammation after the shave
  • Vitamin B
    The 'queen of skin vitamins' helps to heal the irritated skin after shaving
Full list of ingredients

This is how to do it

Please test a little bit of the balm in an area that's not sensitive (crook of the arm) for tolerability. Then apply it on the shaven parts and wait until it's absorbed completely.

Only for external application. Please apply only how indicated.

Stop applying the balm if your skin reacts overly sensitive.

Image by Ignant